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Transform the EHR into a
Shared Decision Making Powerhouse

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Knowledge Authoring

& Sharing

Access coded guidelines, clinical trials, & quality measures from the global community or create your own and share them!

Clinical Decision Support

Provide clinicians with the top treatment options
based on what’s most important to the patient.

Directly in the EHR at the point of care.

Shared Decision Making

Empowering patients
to share in their treatment and care

Healthcare Analytics

Track compliance with guidelines in real-time to ensure top quality care & maximum reimbursement

Evinance is transforming modern healthcare by providing the essential link between the EHR and the latest medical best practices. Evinance’s SaaS-based, modular platform empowers clinicians, healthcare systems, patients and quality assurance analysts to share knowledge and improve outcomes, while reducing liability and costs across the healthcare spectrum.

Healthcare Systems

The Evinance Platform

Knowledge Authoring

Evinance sources the most current coded, evidence-based guidelines, pathways, and clinical trials and provides them directly through the EHR at the point of care.

  • Store knowledge directly in the Evinance platform or download it in the HL7 HeD standard format
  • Access data and collaborate with colleagues 24/7
  • Rate, review and contribute content to ensure patients and colleagues can access the best treatment options

Clinical Decision Support

Evinance’s breakthrough Clinical Decision Support engine uses the coded, evidence-based guidelines and clinical trials to give clinicians personalized clinical guidance directly in their EHR at the point of care.

Evinance finds patients for eligible clinical trials effortlessly, and ensures proper treatment plans without interrupting workflows.

Healthcare Analytics

Only Evinance’s personalized decision support model creates a real time feedback loop that gives Quality Assurance teams insights into patient care, and the opportunity to avert risk, before it’s too late.

  • Automatically track each patient’s path through the guideline or pathway
  • Publish your measures to Evinance’s analytics engine to monitor patient care through simple interactive dashboards or drill down for more detail.

Shared Decision Making

Evinance takes decision support to the next level by allowing patients and doctors to review treatment options and make personalized treatment plans together. The result? Fewer errors and improved patient engagement, safety, and outcomes.

Through standardized patient preference questionnaires, clinicians can prioritize recommended treatments in concert with the patient’s priorities for their care.

Testimonials on the Evinance Platform


“Evinance’s clinical decision support system was a very good fit with our performance and quality assurance initiatives”

We have now launched the platform across our clinic as a vital part of our EHR program as a:

  • record of the consult
  • prompt system in selecting appropriate treatment schedules from the guidelines
  • prompt system in considering relevant clinical trials open to accrual in our network
  • electronic treatment request form submitted to our network treatment booking office

“The integration of these functions improves efficiency and rapidly generates useful data for clinical audits.”

Dr. Jerome Coffey, MD FRCPI FRCR FFR RCSINational Clinical Lead, Radiation Oncology, National Cancer Control ProgrammeAbout the National Cancer Control Program


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We’re passionate about evidence based practice because we want to ensure patients get the most effective treatment  that’s right for them! Our team has over 50 years experience building technology solutions for cancer care.

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