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Excel Under Value Based Purchasing Programs

As the transition from fee-for-service to value based purchasing programs takes effect, providers need to focus on the following in order to to maximize reimbursement from payers:

  1. Demonstrate adherence to evidence based guidelines
  2. Lower re-admissions
  3. Improve patient satisfaction

On top of that, they also need to satisfy different government regulations, such as meaningful use, which requires increased use of clinical decision support.

Value based purchasing is also known as Pay for Performance (or P4P).

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Evinance’s Flexible Clinical Decision Support System

The Evinance clinical decision support system gives providers the flexibility they need to maximize reimbursement from all programs:

  • It integrates with existing EHRs to provide patient-specific guideline recommendations directly at the point of care.
  • It provides complete control over processes by allowing providers to model and automate workflows.
  • It supports ANY language, including the ability to quickly translate to multiple languages.
  • It can be utilized in any medical domain, not just oncology.

A Clinical Decision Support System is technology that’s designed to assist health professionals with clinical decision making tasks.

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