We are Evinance

Evinance was founded to focus on providing innovative solutions that improve patient care through shared decision-making while reducing healthcare costs. Our team has over 50 years combined experience building technology solutions for healthcare.


 To Share the Health. To raise the standard of care through shared decision-making.


To empower a patient-centric healthcare system.


  • Transparency

    Access to up-to-date, actionable information is the force that cures disease and drives progress– for people, medicine, and technology. We believe that only when you have absolute “information liberation” between patient and doctor, researcher and user, the public and institution, are the real stories told, and solutions found. That’s where honesty, trust, and compassion form the heart of Evinance.

  • Integrity

    There is no greater responsibility than managing the health and well being of patients and their private information. We take that mission seriously. We ensure that patient data is safe, that medical information is up-to-the-minute accurate, and of the highest caliber to help patients and physicians do their best work in an environment that builds trust and respect.

  • Agile & Open

    We believe that systems and software, like people, work best when they are agile and open. That means we’re flexible to ensure that we’re innovative and open to connecting the most vital systems that keep health care, healthy.

  • Standards-Setting

    It starts with us. We set the highest standards for ourselves to bring solutions to patients and physicians that will raise the standard of care and communication for everyone. We always seek to be the standard bearer in any undertaking, setting the bar and then raising it. We are resourceful. We will get it done.

  • Love Challenges

    Solving big problems is hard. If you don’t love challenges, the tough stuff, the fight to crack the code, then work = drudgery. We break down the big problem into solvable chunks to find reliable answers that are doctor, patient and market approved. If that sounds like fun, then join us.